Finished Laying Down Your Tracks? Do You Want Your Tracks Mixed By A Professional?

If so, let Distrophonix’s Executive Engineers and Producers professionally mix your tracks. Distrophonix’s digital mixing process will eliminate all those unwanted sounds, and expertly blend your tracks into a masterpiece that you can be proud of. We stand by our work! Our Engineers will work with you to make sure that you get the highest quality mix possible. Our work is not done until you are 100% happy with your song!

Can I Hear Samples Of Your Work?

Yes, you can! We are extremely proud of the quality work we do. Check out our mixing samples here!

Distrophonix Mixing Reviews

“I was really impressed with the mixing service I received from Ray. I have been a hip hop artist for ten years and place high emphasis on my songs having perfect sound quality. He worked with me and made suggestions that gave my recording that modern day edge to compete in today’s music business. Ray’s production and mixing was awesome. I found my experience with Ray to be very professional and rewarding.”
Jewli – Indie Artist

“I have used Shem a number of times now and found his mixing, pre and post-production service to be of a high standard, he was helpful with helping me understand exactly what elements I needed to add to my track to make it really pop. He helped me to choose which sounds and presets were right for my tracks. I will continue to use them for all my music and recording needs.”
Komp Bangarang – Def Jam Records

“I was so impressed by the professionalism that I had to write a review. When setting up the initial appointment, they were very flexible to my schedule. The engineer/producer, Shem, took the extra time and effort to answer all our questions and help me pick the right sounds and presets, his extensive music knowledge not only impressed me but, gave me a sense of relief knowing that my project was in the hand of a seasoned pro.
We highly recommend Shem!!!”

J-Love – Universal Records

Meet Our Head Engineers!

Read about Ray here.

Read about Shem here.

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We have found that bands spend so much time and money in the studio getting your instrument tracks perfect that less time is spent in the production stage. Not just mixing and mastering, but producing! Let our producers loose on your tracks, whether you’re looking for a more modern production or a vintage sound, you will be surprised with what we can do. We specialize in post production and our producers/engineers will work with you from the first phone call to final master!


We offer extremely affordable mixing rates! Because every mixing project is so different, we need to custom quote each job. To request a quote on your project click here.

What Does Distrophonix Mixing Include?

Our Executive Engineer will methodically go through every track to remove pops, clicks, hums and any noise that may have been picked up during the recording process or through open microphones. We will set instrument and vocal levels and then blend the tracks together to create the best mix possible. We will then add any necessary effects and processing to give your recording that depth and professional sound it deserves.

We also offer sound design/editing services that can be done at this time as well. After that is complete we will set the overall sound levels to industry standards and prepare your final mix for the mastering process.

Our Promise To You

Our work is not done until you are 100% satisfied. We take a great deal of pride in our work. We will work with you to help you achieve the highest quality mix of your song possible!

Need some tips on how to get your song ready for mixing?

If so, check out this guide.

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