Distrophonix Mastering Reviews!

"In this music industry.. you need a good quality mastering sound, to be taken seriously by industry professionals. When I approached Distrophonix with my latest album “Let Me Explain” the mastering job really stood out from the rest! My album was noticed by the “Recording Academy” for best rap album for the 2012 Grammy ballot. If your looking for a great mastering, at good price, look no further! I like to thank all the staff at Distrophonix, for being a big part of my success with this album. Keep up the great work!"

"My friends love the master, my friend spent 5 grand to have some guy who mastered the Deftones master his bands' album and he said your mastering sounds better!"

“Distrophonix is the best place to go for mastering! When they say they can get your song back to you in 48 hours they really mean it. They’re extremely fast! And the mastering quality is excellent. They definitely know what they’re doing. I’ll be sending all of my songs to them from now on, and I’d recommend them to anyone.”

“I was completely blown away by the quality and professionalism of Distrophonix! I sent them a song that I loved except the sound was so weak I couldn’t show it off to the public. I sent my track in and was contacted almost immediately via email by their staff letting me know that they received my track and was getting to work on it. Later that evening I was listening to what sounded like a brand new song. Sound is everything and these guys understand that.”

“Every song I’ve sent to you for mastering has come great!! You guys really know what you’re doing! That why I keep coming back to you. Keep up the good work!”

“I am very happy with the masters. There was no degrading of the sound quality. Only enhancement! They now sound good on any system!”

“Thanks for everything – I have never dealt with  a business that has better customer service!”

“The mastering was excellent! I will definitely being using your services again and again!!!”

In a word…. wow! Utterly amazing mastering! I have an ear for audio because I work in the Industry, and I can tell a quality job, and so can my friends who also went to school for audio and we all agree that it sounds amazing! Thank you a million times!

“Hey guys, we were extremely happy with your mastering services! The quality was great and the turnaround was as fast as I’ve ever experienced. We will most definitely be working with you guys again!”

“Having worked with Distrophonix for over 3 years now, I can honestly say that they are the type of company an independent artist needs to align themselves with. Through our relationship with Distrophonix, we’ve been afforded opportunities we’d never known existed had we went at it on our own, including national advertising and licensing endeavors. Distrophonix’s timeliness, creativity and truly artist-minded staff make them one of the top digital distribution options available today.”

“One of the best partnerships we’ve formed in the music entertainment industry. They have a very professional and skilled staff that knows how to provide a great product”